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  • April 20, 2015
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Green and Glowing Smoothie

Recipe by Jim Perko, C.E.C., for the Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle 180 program

1 cup cleaned spinach leaves, firm packed
1 cup cleaned kale, rough chop, firm packed
1 cup green seedless grapes
1 Bartlett pear, core, stem and seeds removed
1 orange, peeled and quartered
1 banana, peeled
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1⁄2 cup water
2 cups ice

When you juice your vegetables, the benefit is two-fold: One, you’re taking in the essential nutrients that your body needs. And two, your body immediately absorbs all these nutrients because juice is in liquid form. You give your digestive system a rest because it doesn’t have to breakdown any solid foods, and the nutrients go directly into your cells and bloodstream, making it much easier on your body. As a result, you feel lighter yet active throughout the day.

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are good for your overall health and vitality. I cannot stress the importance of eating your raw fresh fruits and vegetables and greens enough – you justfeel it in your body when you feed yourself with the much-needed nutrients! You instantly feel better, your skin glows, your eyes have a new spark. There’s something about eating right that no other anti-wrinkle crème can give you!

Fruits do contain a natural sugar called fructose but eating fruits does not make you fat and is not bad for you. This sugar is not the same as processed sugar found in junk food. If you have diabetic tendencies, check with your doctor. Otherwise, as a healthy person, you need not worry about fruit so much as about eliminating all processed sugar from your diet!

Green vegetables on the other hand contain very low levels of sugar. They help you to detoxify and cleanse by helping your digestive system to eliminate waste. And the more you consume vegetables in their fresh and raw form, the lesser you crave junk foods.


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