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  • April 15, 2015
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Integrative massage is a practice that incorporates multi disciplines and differing massage modalities in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual healing. In essence, this type of massage is a physical therapy which may employ one of over 250 massage techniques and a host of other alternative treatment techniques.

An integrative massage session can include aspects of massage, somatic therapy and bodywork techniques. The treatment is centralized around light touches and the stimulation of pressure points throughout the body. It can also include other aspects of physical therapy such as touch therapy and movement therapy. Some therapists include other disciplines in their integrative massage sessions. These techniques may include psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, stress management and energy work. By combining a selection of these treatments it becomes apparent that integrative massage is a holistic body and mind treatment.

Due to the wide range of techniques and modalities which can be incorporated into integrative massage, no two sessions are the same. There is no fixed method to conducting these sessions and as with many physical therapy practices each session is specifically designed to suit the patient’s needs. This treatment path differs from traditional massage in the sense that the patient takes a more active role in the sessions. While the sessions are still relaxing, improve circulation and de-stress, the patient is expected to respond and contribute.

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