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Embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation at our Buckhead location, where blissful tranquility and luxurious pampering await. Let our skilled therapists work their magic, relieving tension and restoring harmony to your body, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Unwind and Reconnect: Embrace the Bliss of Couples Massage

Couples Massage

Enhance the intimacy & connection of your massage experience with a delightful couples massage. Allow you & your partner to revel in the soothing ambiance while skilled therapists work their magic. Together, you can bask in the tranquil atmosphere, immersing yourselves in the rejuvenating touch that nurtures both body and soul.

Enhance your Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with our indulgent hot stone therapy. Let the expert hands of our skilled therapists melt away tension as the warm, smooth stones glide across your body, easing muscles and promoting deep relaxation like never before.

Enhance your Massage


Elevate the tranquility of your massage by embracing the indulgence of aromatherapy. These natural oils, carefully extracted from herbs, fruits, and flowers, possess the remarkable ability to nurture and calm both your physical and emotional state. Immerse yourself in a blissful experience as your mind, body, and spirit find solace and serenity through the gentle touch of these soothing scents.

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Name Your Price

We understand the importance of getting the best value for your time and money. That’s why we’re giving you the power to decide how much you want to spend on your next massage service.

With Name Your Price, you can set your own budget and get notified immediately, making it easier than ever to book ‘me’ time and escape from the daily routine.

Get the App. Name Your Price. Get Notified.

Have a Gift Certificate?

If you were gifted a certificate for service in our establishment, please bring a valid form of picture ID. We will require to make a copy of your ID or Driver’s license in order to honor any certificates that were purchased through our online store. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Appointment Tips

Buckhead traffic can be very busy so please plan your travel time accordingly.
Please be very specific about what you hope to achieve from your session so that your therapist can customize the massage to fit your needs.

Health Conditions

Please advise us at time of booking of any health conditions, allergies, injuries or special needs, which may affect your services when making your spa reservation. Our cancellation policy applies if you are unable to receive a treatment due to a condition that you failed to communicate prior to booking.
If you are pregnant or have any sorts of limitations that could affect your treatment, please let us know before booking your appointment. Our prenatal massages are after the first trimester only.

Cancellation Policy

You may reschedule or cancel your appointment without charge at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
Rescheduling or cancellations of less than 12 hours will be charged 50% of the scheduled service price.
Clients with a history of three or more late cancellations or no shows will be required to pre-pay the full service rate at the time of booking.

Late Arrival

Please keep in mind that arriving late for a service may require us to shorten the length of the treatment, with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other guests to follow. We regret that late arrivals may not receive an extension of their scheduled service and will be responsible for the full service fee.


We kindly ask that our clients do not bring their children with them to The Buckhead Massage Company. While we understand that it may be difficult to find childcare during your appointment, there are several reasons why we must insist on this policy:

Safety: Our massage place is not child-proofed, and there are many potential hazards that could cause harm to a curious child. Hot massage stones, massage oils, and other equipment can be dangerous to children if not handled properly.

Disturbance: We want to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment for all of our clients, and the presence of children can be disruptive to this atmosphere. Crying, fussing, and other child-related noises can detract from the calming ambiance we strive to create.

Liability: We cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur to children who are brought into the massage place. Parents or guardians assume all responsibility for their children’s safety.

We apologize for any inconvenience this policy may cause and appreciate your understanding. We encourage you to make arrangements for childcare prior to your appointment so that you may fully enjoy your massage experience. Thank you for choosing our massage place for your wellness needs.

Age Restrictions

We’re excited to welcome clients of all ages, even as young as 9 years old, to our establishment for our range of services. To make sure everyone has a great experience, we ask that a parent or guardian be present in the room during the service for children up to the age of 16. Once they hit 16, parents can hang out in our lobby while their child is being taken care of.

One really important thing to keep in mind is that we need the parent or guardian to fill out a confidential intake form for their child. This form helps us ensure we have all the necessary information and permissions on file. It’s just a way for us to maintain the best standards possible and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Thanks for understanding!


Our Services Offered


Starting at $105
Offered in intervals of 60 minute, 90 minute, 120 minute
  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Neuromuscular
  • Prenatal
  • Signature


Starting at $110
Offered in intervals of 60 minute
  • Vitamin C
  • The Green
  • Gentleman's
  • Anti- Aging
  • Acne

Specialty Facials

Starting at $135
Offered in intervals of 60 minute
  • Acne Lift Peel
  • Lightning Lift Peel
  • Wrinkle Lift Peel
  • O2 Lift Peel
  • Signature Facelift Peel
  • Dermaplaning + Peel
  • Dermaplaning + Facial