Preparing to be serviced

Here at The Buckhead Massage Company, we understand the importance of tailored pre-care for each facial treatment. If you opt for a chemical peel, it’s crucial to refrain from using glycolic acid for 24 hours beforehand, allowing your skin to reach its optimal state to fully benefit from the peel. Additionally, avoid retinol products for 72 hours, as they can increase skin sensitivity. For all facial services, remember to steer clear of waxing your face for at least seven days prior to the treatment, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

When you walk in

When you arrive at The Buckhead Massage Company, we’ll provide you with a personalized form to indicate your skin care needs, goals, and your skin history. This crucial step ensures that we tailor your experience to your specific requirements. To make the most of your time and prioritize your well-being, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early to give yourself ample time to focus on you.


Once you have filled out the form, you will be accompanied by your esthetician to a private room where they will review the information with you. This ensures that your esthetician has a comprehensive understanding of your needs before proceeding with the facial. They will then make service suggestions to you based on your skin concerns.

Getting Comfortable

Your esthetician will step out of the room, providing you with privacy to dress down to your desired level of comfort. Once you have dressed down, you can lay down on the table, which is prepared with a cozy blanket and sheet to ensure your warmth and relaxation.

During the Facial


This crucial step eliminates impurities, excess oil, and makeup, preparing your skin for optimal absorption of subsequent products, resulting in revitalized and cleansed skin.


Only if necessary. Your therapist will extract clogged or impacted pores.


Your esthetician then examines your skin closely to assess its condition, identify any specific concerns, and determine the most suitable treatments and products for your individual needs.


Your esthetician then provides your skin with the perfect and personally tailored skincare products. Serums, eye creams, moisturizers, SPF, and lip treatment.

What you should do

We encourage you to keep open lines of communication with your esthetician throughout the session. Feel free to provide feedback on the pressure applied or specific techniques used, enabling your esthetician to personalize the experience according to your preferences and comfort level. Creating a harmonious partnership between you and your esthetician ensures a truly rejuvenating and satisfying facial. Besides that, relax your body and mind!

Finishing Up

Your esthetician will notify you that your session is complete, and they will step outside to give you privacy to dress. Once you’re ready, they will accompany you back to the reception area and kindly offer you a refreshing glass of water. If you enjoyed your experience, feel free to show your appreciation by leaving a tip.

What to Anticipate in your Facial Session

Being well-informed is the first step in massage.

You should feel the most comfort during your facial. Being well-informed on what to expect during your session helps to ease your mind and makes you as relaxed as possible before your session even starts. Below is information for what to expect when you receive your facial at The Buckhead Massage Company.

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