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Enhance your massage experience with our indulgent hot stone therapy. Our skilled therapists skillfully place heated stones on specific areas of your body, using them to gently apply soothing warmth and pressure, melting away tension and promoting deep relaxation. Elevate your session to a new level of bliss with our rejuvenating hot stone treatment. Listed below are some benefits:

  • Deep Muscle Relaxation
    Promotes increased blood flow & helps to release tension & knots.
  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction
    Comforting warmth combined with the therapeutic touch has a calming effect. Alleviates stress & anxiety. Promotes a sense of tranquility & well-being.
  • Improved Circulation
    Dilates your blood vessels, enhances blood circulation throughout the body. Helps deliver oxygen & nutrients to your muscles & organs. Promotes overall health & vitality.
  • Pain Relief
    Alleviate muscle soreness, chronic pain, & stiffness. Combination of heat & gentle pressure helps to reduce inflammation, improve flexibility, & relieve discomfort.


Enhance your massage experience with aromatherapy. By incorporating essential oils derived from herbs, fruits, and flowers, this add on can help your overall physical and emotional well-being by promoting a soothing effect for all your senses.

  • Lavender
    Our Signature Scent! Helps to reduce stress and promote a restful sleep.
  • Cheer Up Buttercup
    A citrus with a light herbal provides feelings of positivity & well-being.
  • Peace & Harmony
    Soothing & calming minty, floral blend. Promotes tranquility and balance.
  • Eucalyptus
    Refreshing & invigorating aroma. Respiratory support & a sense of revitalization.
  • Naturally Lovable
    A sweet floral, citrus blend. Enhance feelings of love, compassion, & emotional well-being.
  • Peaceful Sleep
    Floral, citrus blend. Promotes relaxation, eases tension, & support a restful night's sleep.
  • Lemongrass
    Uplifting & invigorating properties. Promotes mental clarity & revitalization.
  • Clear the Air
    Fresh mint blend. Helps freshen the air, eliminate odors, & create a clean and inviting atmosphere.
  • Mental Focus
    Minty, citrus with wintergreen blend Enhances mental clarity, concentration, & cognitive function. Promotes a state of focused productivity.

30 Minute Foot Massage

Enhance your massage experience with an extra 30-minute foot massage add-on. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to rejuvenating your feet and providing you with a renewed sense of well-being. Through expert techniques and targeted pressure, they focus on specific areas of your feet, relieving tension, improving circulation, and promoting overall relaxation. Allow yourself to unwind and let go as our dedicated therapists work their magic, revitalizing your tired feet and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering experience with our revitalizing 30-minute foot massage add-on and give your feet the care they deserve.