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  • by The Buckhead Massage Company
  • April 28, 2015

    Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade

    Elderflower liqueur is sweet, delicate, and floral, like nectar from a spring bouquet.


    1/2 cup sugar $
    1 cup water $
    1/2 cup elderflower liqueur (such as St-Germain)
    1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
    1 1/2 cups ice cubes
    3 cups chilled sparkling wine $


    Microwave sugar and water in a microwave-safe bowl at HIGH 2 minutes. Stir until sugar dissolves. Cool completely (15 minutes). Stir together sugar syrup, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and ice cubes. Let stand 20 minutes. Stir in chilled sparkling wine, and serve immediately.

    Easy Orange Cream Slush

    “This is a simple and delicious recipe for a cool and creamy orange drink.”

    • 1/2 cup orange juice

    • 1/4 cup milk

    • 2 tablespoons white sugar

    • 8 ice cubes

      Combine the orange juice, milk, sugar, and ice cubes in a blender; blend until smooth.