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Beautifying Green Smoothie Recipe

Green and Glowing Smoothie Recipe by Jim Perko, C.E.C., for the Cleveland Clinic Lifestyle 180 program Ingredients: 1 cup cleaned spinach leaves, firm packed 1 cup cleaned kale, rough chop, firm packed 1 cup green seedless grapes 1 Bartlett pear, core, stem and seeds removed 1 orange, peeled and quartered 1 banana, peeled 1 teaspoon […]

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Massage + Depression… Really it works!

We’ve all had days where we feel sad or blue. Nobody can be happy all of the time, and changes in mood, feelings of sadness sometimes, are perfectly normal. For some people, however, these feelings are more persistent and severe, interfering with everyday activities, lowering energy levels and interrupting sleep, for example. When these feelings begin to take over and noticeably change a […]

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