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Ingredients to Avoid if You Have Dry Skin

  Dry skin doesn’t just look bad—it’s also uncomfortable. But here’s the tricky thing: Products that promise to give you a gorgeous glow could contain dehydrating ingredients, says Jamie Davis, M.D., a Minneapolis-based dermatologist. Here are five she says it’s key to avoid if you’re feeling parched. 1. Retinoids While the ingredient has been championed across […]

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Tips for Hydrated, Radiant Skin This Winter

  Winter comes with its many perks (hot chocolate, cozy pajamas, endless pie) but dry, itchy skin is not one of them. While that taut, tight feeling and unsightly flakes are a nuisance for everyone, the more visible scales and ashy dryness that show up more prominently on dark skin make them even more annoying […]

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