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  • by BMC
  • April 13, 2015

    The Wonders a Pregnancy Massage Can Do

    Pregnancy is one of the periods that most women look forward even though it comes with a number of body changing challenges they have to endure. Even as women anticipate the birth of their children, they have to endure a great deal of discomfort that most wish could be relieved somehow. One of the beat ways to deal with the many aches and pains they go through is by going through prenatal massage therapy. This is a natural way to get fast and effective relief from tense muscles, enhance mobility and circulation, ease sore spots and make a pregnant woman relax and just feel good.

    Just like the regular massage that most people know about, pregnancy massage provides great relief and has a raft of benefits that any pregnant woman will love to enjoy. This may not be an absolute necessity especially for those who feel uncomfortable with the whole idea. However, the first thing you need to do is talk to your doctor about it so as to get the whole picture before you indulge. In most cases, the period after the first trimester appears to be the time that is best suited for this type of massage. If you love the idea, just ensure you get the service from a qualified massage therapist to ensure your safety.

    The only difference between pregnancy massage and other forms of massage is the position of the woman’s body because a comfortable position must be sought. The masseur needs to use padding and pillows so as to protect her body and also ensure the comfort of the mother and the baby. Some of the benefits of this type of massage include:

    Stress relief: Pregnancy brings a great deal of stress and anxiety to women especially due to the fear of the unknown. Massage helps to relax the body to relax and also relieves stress and anxiety. The increased circulation of blood enhances the absorption of nutrients and oxygen ensuring optimum nourishment for the fetus and the woman’s brain thereby increasing relaxation.

    Relief from back pain: This is a period that most women associate with back pain which can sometimes be very severe and last long especially during the final days of pregnancy. Massage can help you to manage this type of pain before it gets worse by strengthening your muscles to bring feelings of freshness and relaxation. Starting the therapy in the earlier months of pregnancy actually helps prevent the problem later on.

    Relief from muscle cramps and stress on weight bearing joints: Pregnant women have to deal with lots of muscle cramps and aches. This is especially true regarding the neck, the lower back, the legs and the hips, all of which will do with a little massage.

    Enhances glandular secretions: During pregnancy there are many hormones that the body release in order to keep all things happening and under control. When the secretion of these hormones is enhanced, pregnancy is likely to proceed without too many hassles; there is no better way to stimulate this secretion than through regular pregnancy massages.