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  • by BMC
  • April 17, 2015


    Over the last few years, golfers at all skill levels have started to appreciate the tremendous benefits that massage therapy can have on improving their golf game.  Golfers are turning to massage therapy for everything from pain relief, increasing range of motion and flexibility to injury prevention.   Although massage therapy has been around for thousands of years it is only now starting to get recognition it deserves.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or a touring professional, including massage therapy as a regular part of your training program can help you to avoid injury, enhance golf performance and play more pain free golf.

    Benefits of Massage Therapy for Golf:

    • Increases circulation that assists in removing metabolic wastes that can accumulate in muscles due to overuse and the repetitive motion of the golf swing
    • A massage therapist can help reduce muscle spasms, trigger points and adhesions that need to be addressed to help prevent injury and improve quality of movement.
    • Improve range of motion  and muscle flexibility resulting in increased power and performance
    • Decrease anxiety and stress levels
    • Improves mental focus

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