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  • by BMC
  • April 17, 2015


    Holidays were supposed to bring joy and relaxation to people, but not in the twenty-first century. Holidays now need planning from a few months before. This includes making lists for gifts, planning trips which include taking into account the children’s holidays, cleaning the house, cooking delicious meals and meeting  friends and family. The travelling and planning requires time and effort, which often causes stress. This stress can be easily managed by therapeutic massages.

    The healing and rejuvenation starts as soon as you lie down on the table. The soft music and warm oils, along with gentle exfoliation makes you notice the stress trapped in the body, which had gone unnoticed during the running aorund and doing errands. The quiet environment and rejuvenating sounds create an entire atmosphere of relaxation which help de-stress the body.

    By working through the muscle layers and dissolving trigger points, the therapist stretches and lengthens the muscle tissue, providing long lasting relief for the muscles. As the trigger points are dissolved, more oxygenated blood flows into the tissue and more fresh oxygen is created, which helps ease blood flow. Increased blood flow gives increased vigor to the body, so that it can engage in routine activities after the holiday.

    On the other hand, muscles that were inactive for a long time, whether in hibernation or just rendered immobile because of the merry making and fun time with family, can get recharged because of a rejuvenating body massage. Body muscles that were too relaxed because of the enjoyable food and lack of regular physical activity, can be brought back to regular routine with massage. It will help dissolve the trigger points and eliminate the lethargy that has settled into the body. Many people admit to feeling active and fit after a massage, as if the massage did what regular exercise was supposed to do for their body.

    Holidays bring with them a lot of anxiety about handling family together and giving them all something they will cherish for another year. Anxiety can also be related to traveling great distances with your own family and getting them safely to the destination. Whatever the kind of anxiety, it does not just stay limited to one’s head, it transitions into the body and causes stress. This anxiety can be eliminated with the help of massage therapy. It helps relieve aches and stiffness caused by traveling. It also relaxes the mind fostering a general sense of well-being. An hour of massage will help you feel ligher, in the body and in the mind.

    This holiday season, don’t just focus on what gift to get your family, also pay a little attention to what you give yourself. Let it be the gift of health and well-being and a well nurtured body and soul.


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