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  • by The Buckhead Massage Company
  • May 19, 2015

    Life happens. It’s a simple statement, but it rings true – especially in these tough times. Some people who can’t find a good outlet for pent-up stress may handle extra pressure in their lives by drinking more, smoking more or developing a reliance on anti-depressants. But a more positive solution to stress management and maintaining overall wellness may be as close as your friendly neighborhood spa. Here are some ways that regular massage therapy treatments can help you find the relief you’re looking for… naturally.

    A Session on a Massage Table Releases Dopamine

    It’s all about the dopamine: Dopamine is a chemical naturally produced by the body that helps to keep the central nervous system and overall balance functioning smoothly. In short, dopamine helps us feel good. When high levels of stress are present this balance is disrupted, leading to feelings of depression and anxiety. The kneading and pressure on the muscles provided through massage therapy encourages the release of dopamine and thereby helps the body to manage stress better.

    Get Your Chee Circulating Again

    Let your “chee” flow: The ancient art of acupuncture teaches that a body’s natural energy (or chee) flows through a complex system of channels both within the body and across its surface. When that “river” of energy is dammed up by pain of any kind, the chee can no longer flow properly and the imbalance this causes negatively affects overall wellness. Regular visits to massage tables unblock these energy dams, eases pain and allows the body to return to a more natural balance.

    Relax, Relax, Relax

    It is relaxing: One of the byproducts of excessive stress is a tightening of the muscles and an overall feeling of tension. It’s like your teeth are clenched all the time. Our bodies cannot handle stress appropriately without the removal of tension; and no drug or artificial stimulant can help us to relax better than a natural massage therapy treatment. A good massage table is designed with relaxation in mind: you literally sink into comfort from the moment you climb aboard. The combination of the therapist’s skills, quiet music and perhaps aromatherapy all work together to help the body achieve a completely relaxed state.

    The Bottom Line

    If chronic stress is manifesting itself through physical pain and debilitating depression, regular massage therapy treatments can help your body heal itself naturally and give your mind the relief it needs from your daily cares and worries. You have great powers for self-healing: a good massage therapist can help.