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  • by BMC
  • April 20, 2015



    Looking for a gift to show that special someone how much you care? Something different to the usual flowers or chocolates? Why not consider offering to give them a massage?

    There are great benefits for giving a massage (or receiving one!). Here are just a few –

    Massage can be adapted for almost anyone
    Whilst a full body massage can be a wonderful experience, not everyone is comfortable with that level of intimacy or contact.

    Or they may have injuries or health issues that preclude that intense massage.

    But massage can be made more accessible or even acceptable, by limiting the area being massaged. Massaging just the hands, or the feet, feels fantastic. A neck and shoulder massage is great for tension and a scalp or head massage can feel just wonderful (which is why many hairdressers will include some scalp massage somewhere in their treatment).

    Always ask before you give a massage – not just whether a massage is welcome, but if there are areas people love or hate being massaged.

    Massage is relaxing
    With our stressful lives, we all need something to help us relax and wind down.Massage may be just the thing!

    Massage can help relieve pain
    There is a reason why we immediately go to rub our shin when we have bumped it into the coffee table! Massaging an injured area can help soothe and relieve pain especially from things like muscle tension. Just think how good it feels to stretch and rub your neck after staring at a computer screen for a while. One caution – never massage over areas of injury which includes bruising, possible sprains or fractures, or if the skin is broken.

    It’s a great way to get to know your partner better
    Giving your partner a massage and listening to their feedback can be a great way to get to know what your partner likes and doesn’t like. Whether they like massage at all (some peple just don’t, unfortunately), where they like to be massaged, how firm etc etc. Some people love a back massage; some love a foot massage; while others hate getting their feet touched but may like a scalp massage. Everyone is different and if you can respect your partner’s likes and dislikes and really listen, it can make for a wonderful bonding experience.

    Massage is good for your general health
    Massage can help to improve the circulation and muscle tone and the feel good hormones generated help to give a sense of wellbeing. Which benefits the health more generally. So a massage can help you to feel both happy and healthy! Even giving a massage to just make someone else feel good can make you feel good too!

    At the end of the day, when you offer to give your partner a massage, you are offering them the gift of your time and your undivided attention, with the sole object of making them feel good – and what could be more romantic than that?


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