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  • by BMC
  • April 24, 2015


    There are so many health benefits to massage, and additional benefits of couples massage therapy for you and your partner. The crazy pace the world has taken on has taken its toll on our health, and our relationships. Taking time to give each other massage is an amazing way to slow down, get more in tune with your partner, and reconnect in a very profound way.

    Stress affects our health adversely, few people argue that fact today. Some of the first symptoms people realize from increased levels of stress include increases in: blood pressure, tension in the body, GI distress, headaches and mood swings. Relationships certainly suffer from increased levels of stress as well, by decreasing our level of patience, and negatively affecting our communication patterns. By engaging our partners in some relaxing activities which are not only mindful, but helpful in directly affecting the nervous system in a positive way, we gain more control over our overall stress in our lives. Using Couples Massage Therapy to connect with our partner can be a very effective way to decrease stress hormone release, and increase some of the positive hormones in our bodies.
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